September 26, 2020

Dear Terra Mater Clients and Friends,

We, the team at Terra Mater, are forever grateful for your patronage and patience during these trying times. As you know our priority has been everyone’s health, beauty, and safety. We also strive to find the best new, innovative, and proven ways to implement the highest safety standards in addition to all the existing procedures and precautionary measures. After much research, we are excited to announce our investment in, and installation of the new Synexis Bio Defense Air System.

The Synexis System will facilitate and enable us to have a cleaner and healthier work environment. Using their patented Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) Technology, this system will provide our salon with continuous decontamination and reduction of broad spectrum viruses (Including Covid-19), bacteria, and fungi.

So what does this mean?

The coveted shampoo, blowdrys, and heat styling services are back!!!

- You can get a cut and a color service on the same day!

- You will now receive a shampoo with your haircut service AND a blowdry.

- Please come to your color service with hair washed that morning.

- Please arrive at the salon wearing two masks.

- Please reschedule if you are feeling ill or have a temperature above 99 degrees.

* Our new Synexis System does not mean that we will relax our procedures regarding sanitation, this will be an added defense to help keep everyone who enters the salon safe and healthy.

Please continue to check our website before your appointment for any new updates.

We love you and your hair!!

Call for an appointment now!

Terra Mater



July 9th, 2020

Terra Mater Salon Updates-

Due to the significant and constant increase of Covid-19 infection and hospitalization rates, we have re-evaluated the current conditions and adjusted / added additional precautionary measures. Please reread the original Covid-19 letter and carefully follow the instructions. 

Additional or adjusted measures are as follows:

- Just as we wear two masks in the salon for your safety, please prepare and wear two masks for your salon appointment. Your masks must be free of any loose or open pockets, specifically at the bridge of your nose and the sides by your ears. If these pockets exist, you will have to tape them shut before entry into the salon. We can provide tape and extra masks at a cost. 

- If driving, arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time and wait in your car until you receive a phone call from us. Let us call you! Once called, please approach the door with your masks already on. If you are walking to our salon, please maintain social distance and have both masks on upon arrival. We will call or greet you when your stylist is ready. Please keep the door area free of congregation. 

- At this time we are eliminating reminder calls. Please keep the date and time of your appointment in a safe secure location.

- Shampoo your hair within 3 hours of your service and use no styling products. For hair color services, dry your hair before coming in. For hair cut services, wet or damp hair is permitted.

- At the door we will check your masks and your temperature first. After those items are addressed, we will ask you a series of questions to protect everyone’s safety, including yourself. 

- Once you enter the salon, and have a consultation with your stylist at a 6 foot distance, we ask that you remain quiet for the duration of your service. This is to keep down the spread of dangerous pathogens and keep masks from shifting on our faces. 

We hope that you will understand that our first goal is everyone’s safety. We greatly appreciate your understanding and your patience through these extraordinary times. 

Let’s all stay safe! Thank you!

Terra Mater Salon


May 15th, 2020

Dear Salon Family,

We are very excited to reopen our salon. We are honored to have you as clients and friends. Knowing you’re all waiting patiently for your next appointment, we now would like to let you know how we are proceeding. Please know that we are using well planned caution and taking everyones safety very seriously. These are the many new safety and sanitation procedures that we have implemented. These changes are required by the State Board of Georgia, suggested by the CDC and agreed upon by all of us.

At Terra Mater we are a TEAM, and now more than ever. We are equally sharing our decisions, our paychecks, our tips, our work loads, etc. As a team, we have devised a new system that will be focused on efficiency and health.

Included in this new system:

SOCIAL DISTANCING- We have adjusted our business hours to four working days. We are reducing, by 50%, the number of individuals allowed inside the salon. An appointment will be required in order to enter the salon. Entrance will be allowed only at the designated time and only for the designated person. Do not bring anyone with you to your appointment including children or pets. We have configured a newly distanced station layout and temporally eliminated the waiting and changing areas. Each stylist will be servicing only one guest at a time. Each team member will have a cutting only, coloring only, or assistant only day. Clients needing multiple services will be advised to schedule one service per day only. You may schedule another service for another day. In honoring the loyalty of our existing clientele, new clients will be scheduled as openings become available.

SALON SANITATION- We have acquired the proper Covid19 pandemic supplies and products necessary to open safely. They are in alignment with the Georgia State Board guidelines. Daily we will throughly clean and sanitize the salon before opening, during business hours, and after we close. All service capes, towels, brushes, combs, implements, and cutting tools will be cleaned and sanitized for every individual use. Chairs and stations will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each guest.

MASKS- We will be wearing a proper face masks and when necessary, face shields and gloves. Everyone entering the salon MUST be wearing a face mask. For your appointment please wear one that is secured behind your ears. If you do not have the proper mask, one will be provided for you for a $5 fee, as long as they last. If our supply runs out and you don’t have your own, at your cost you will need to reschedule.

PREPARE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT- Unless you have symptoms of Covid19 or have been exposed to Covid19, please give us a 48 hour cancellation notice. Without proper cancellation, there will be a 100% service fee. Covid19 symptoms or exposure will result in a minimum 14 day reschedule. To prepare for your appointment, please arrive in freshly cleaned clothing. We ask that you come with your hair cleaned, (shampooed within 3 hours of your appointment time), dried without product, and pulled back. We will not be providing robes for your service and ask that you arrive in a collarless, clean shirt for cuts and a collarless, clean, old t-shirt for color. In order to avoid/reduce close proximity and possible germ spread, we are limiting shampoos to only removing color from the hair. We will miss giving the “luxury” scalp massage and service shampoos. Remember, this is only temporary. We will also forego all drying services in order to prevent forceful airflow of any germs. Our blow drys have always been complementary with our cuts. In lieu of charging a Covid19 PPE fee for each service, we will not be offering a discount for this measure at this time.

ARRIVAL AT OUR SALON- Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early and wait in your vehicle or outside the salon door, using social distancing practices, until your appointment time. Our waiting room has been eliminated. We will call you when we are ready to begin your service. If you are more than 5 minutes late, at your cost, you will need to reschedule. We MUST adhere to strict guidelines and cannot risk backups at this time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please arrive with only your mask and form of payment. Leave your purse, hat, jacket, back pac, briefcase, food, drink, papers, etc. locked in your car trunk. These items presently are not allowed in the salon. You may bring your cell phone, but its use is strictly prohibited while we provide your service. You may NOT remove your mask while inside the building. Therefore beverage service has been suspended. Once you enter the salon and before we begin your service, you will be asked to sanitize your hands, answer a few prequalifying health questions, have your temperature checked, and sign a release form. In accordance with State Board guidelines, any employee or client exhibiting a temperature above 99 degrees, will be asked to immediately exit the premises and go home. Failure to meet required State Board standards will result in a service cancellation and a minimum 14 day reschedule.

TOUCHLESS GREETINGS AND GOODBYES- While we LOVE you dearly, there will be NO physical contact with any staff member. We will ONLY be touching your hair during your service. WE request that talking be restricted to only necessary hair service directions. We will have a lot of hugs, massages, and conversations to look forward to in the future!


OUR SERVICE HAS NO GENDER- As a team, we’ve decided to become a genderless salon. You will no longer see “Women’s cut” or “Mens cut”. Hair service pricing will reflect time, technique, texture, density, length, etc.

RETAIL- We will be happy to assist and collect any retail items you need. We have hygienically stored them away from public touch, but can get them for you during your appointment. Regretfully, there are no testers at this time.

PREFERRED PAYMENTS- For your service we prefer a VISA, MASTERCARD, or DEBIT CARD. We will accept your check, but we cannot make any change using CASH at this time.


We at Terra Mater are “All in This Together “. Presently we are all on equal Pay/Salary. This allows us to facilitate proper “salon distancing”, sanitizing, and support during your service. There will be a tip jar at the front desk for cash or check tips. Just as we are dividing our salaries, we are also dividing the tips evenly and equally. Our goal is to SURVIVE and THRIVE. We are so grateful for all of your donations. We have also put our own money into the salon in order to keep it viable and ready for embracing your business again.

We are not out of the dangerous and difficult times yet, but with steadfast diligence and patience, health and happiness will be around the corner! We will be calling you soon to schedule your needed appointment. Our calls will be in the order of each persons last service visit.

We look forward to seeing you in the salon soon!!

Your Terra Mater Team